Spotless Water Stain Removal

Heated and compressed, calcium carbonite will become marble. Unheated and uncompressed, mixed with water, and sprayed onto your windows, calcium carbonite will become hard water stain.

Hard water mineral deposits, mostly calcium carbonate and possible some iron and manganese, are a are a real problem in the Treasure Valley. Sprinklers hitting windows and homeowners unwittingly spraying down their windows for a quick clean may eventually result in windows being ruined for good. The longer the calcium deposits remain on the glass, the more time it has to actually etch the glass, making it irrepairable.

The quicker hard water stain is tackled, the easier it is to remove. All Valley Window Cleaning receives many calls every year to remove hard water from windows.

Our success record for removing hard water stain is very high, as we have tried many different products and have come up with a very reliable method for removing the hard water. That being said, there are also times when we can only go so far. At times we are only able to remove the outermost layers of hard water, while the layer directly on the glass cannot be completely removed, because the glass has been etched. Even so, in such cases the windows always look much better, though not perfect.

Before you decide to replace your glass due to hard water stain, give us a call.