Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put my house or business on a regular window cleaning schedule? Yes, call once to schedule your home for a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly visit. We will call you to confirm the appointment when your scheduled date approaches.

Do you clean windows in the winter? Yes, an All Valley Window Cleaner doesn’t let a little cold stop him, even when icicles are forming in his beard.

Do you clean the screens?
Yes, it is very important to clean the screens. If the screens are not cleaned and it rains, the window behind the screen will get dirty again.

What do you use in your water? We use a specially designed window cleaning solution that leaves absolutely no residue on the glass.

What is the process you use to clean the windows in my home? We clean residential windows by hand as opposed to using a pressure washer. We always clean the screens and tracks and wipe the window frames free of cobwebs.

Are you bonded and insured? Yes, we are bonded and insured and we have an excellent safety record.

Do you do blind cleaning, screen repair, or window replacement? For screen repair, we recommend Screenmobile, and for window replacement, Wood Windows. But if you’d like to have your blinds cleaned during our next visit, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll coordinate with Gem State Blind Cleaning to fulfill that request.

Do you have a minimum charge for commercial route work? No, we do all jobs great and small, with no minimum charge.

Do you do multi-story buildings? Yes, We do buildings up to three stories high.

How do you clean the high windows of a commercial building? Depending on the state of the windows, we may use a power lift, ladders of up to thirty feet, or water-fed poles that run on spot-free, reverse-osmosis water.

When do you use a water-fed pole? Water-fed poles are best for maintenance of windows that have already been cleaned up-close without a pole. For really dirty glass, we will use a ladder or lift and then follow up with a water-fed pole on our next visit.

Will the rain make my windows dirty again after you clean them? Rain may spoil a newly washed window if the ground is dry and the air is dusty before a storm. But if it has been raining off and on, and the ground is damp, and the air is clean, then rain, which is simply distilled water, will have no effect on a clean window. More information on our Rain Guarantee.