At All Valley, We Believe That a Good Day of Work Is Always Better than a Bad Day of Golf

Dear Customer,

Window cleaning is not like golf. With golf, I never know if my next swing will send the ball arching happily through the sky on its way to a gentle landing on the green or if it’ll swerve left and end with a splash. With window cleaning, there is no question. I always know that when I finish a job, the windows will be transformed, clean as new every time.

My golf game hasn’t changed much since I first started cleaning windows twenty-nine years ago as a one man contractor. Then, I wasn’t sure where the whole business would take me. Now, I’m the proud owner and founder of All Valley Window Cleaning, a company that has become known for its dependability, low employee turnover rate, and honest, skillful, customer service.

“Throughout my career, I’ve been inspired by the example of the Reverend Barnes, a window cleaner I met years ago in Oklahoma. He was eighty years old and armed with only a squeegee and a bucket of soapy water. Yet he had succeeded in providing for his family and could proudly boast of having three kids all graduate from college.”

Clean windows and an abiding respect for the customer—you can hold us to it. We’ve got years of experience under our tool belts and we’ll always do a much better job serving you than we do on the golf course.

Kevin Kelso
Owner, All Valley Window Cleaning